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Spieren voor Spieren

Healthy muscles for disabled muscles

In the Netherlands, 20,000 children have to deal with muscle weakness or muscle loss due to their muscle disease. The impact on their lives and that of their family is huge. Yet, they face every day full of optimism, with admirable courage, strength and fighting spirit. This has motivated Spieren voor Spieren in the fight against muscle diseases among children for more than twenty years. Founded and inspired by athletes, we use our healthy muscles to raise money for sick muscles. Together we will do our utmost to beat all muscle diseases among children. Although scientific developments are going fast and there are more and more new treatments, it often takes too long for children to benefit from them. Spieren voor Spieren believes that they cannot wait.

We join the Euro Challenge with 6 guys who don't know eachother to get connected and fit with our team and raise money for Spieren voor Spieren!

If you want to support us, please click on the orange button 'Doe een donatie'. Thank you very much!

Link to impressive video of our child-ambassador Guus
Guus - Spieren voor Spieren - YouTube

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